Do I have to be engaged to take this online course?

No. If you are in a committed relationship (dating, engaged, or newlywed) looking to build a solid foundation that will go the distance, then this is for you! We’ve even had couples who have been married over 20 years go through the course and find great new tools for their relationship.

My fiancé(e) is hesitant about doing Happily Ever After with me. Is this program something I can do on my own?

Absolutely. Happily Ever After is designed to bring awareness to and give you action steps for the 6 core areas that you need to master in order to have a thriving relationship. Healthy people make healthy marriages. We always encourage that individuals work on themselves before trying to change their mate.

How long is my membership active?

This is a self-paced online course and a one-time payment grants you lifetime access to the course material. You can log in and review the material as many times as you like, before or after your wedding!

Where do I start? Is there a particular order in which we should watch the videos?

No, you can jump to any topic you find relevant in your relationship and start there. Then work your way through!

What are the Connecting Questions Worksheets?

Each topic will be accompanied by a PDF file that can be read or downloaded on any device. Each of these worksheets has a quick summary of the topic and questions that you can go over on your own or together as a couple. We’ve designed these questions to get couples exploring, talking, and understanding each other at a deeper level. We’ve included action plans to give couples creative ideas on how to practically implement what they’ve watched and discussed into their own relationship. Couples have often used a journal to jot down their answers and track their progress.

What devices can I use to access the content?

Any device that can connect to the internet will work.

Do I need a separate login for my partner?

No. Once you purchase the course, you’ll be emailed a confirmation email along with instructions on how to create a username and password. Only one login is needed per couple - just share the login details with your spouse!

What if we need more help in our relationship beyond the course?

Happily Ever After is designed to bring up areas in your relationship that need to be discussed and processed though. Many couples can get stuck on a certain issue and might need an outside perspective. We are available for private online premarital sessions, if needed. Please email us at to discuss this further.

Can I gift this to a couple and how does that work?

This may be one of the most powerful wedding and bridal shower presents that you can give for a newly engaged or newly married couple. At check out, be sure to mark the box that says "give as a gift" and enter the email address of the couple. Once purchased, login instructions will be sent to the couple so they can start right away!

If I have a problem logging in to the course, who do I contact?

Please email us at or chat us - we look forward to hearing from you!

Do you have any other resources for couples?

We’re glad you ask - the answer is yes, yes, YES! Definitely check out our book 365 Connecting Questions for Engaged Couples. We also have a version for married couples that would be great to get once you’ve said I Do (or even better, put it on your gift registry). If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out and bookmark our website with a variety of resources for married couples in all stages of life.

Where can I get the free eBook?
Download it here.


Where can I buy the book for Engaged Couples?

You can purchase our book 365 Connecting Questions for Engaged Couples (and other books in this series) in our Marriage365 online store. This is currently the only place to buy our book!

When will I get my book?

To keep your costs low and be able to publish a book at all, we use a print-on-demand service, which means we do not have an inventory of books. Once you place your order it takes on average about 2-5 business days before it ships (US only). You can find more information on specific books on their respective product pages. Once the book ships it may take another 2-15 business days for U.S. orders (depending on shipping method selected and location of destination; allow more time for orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and APOs) and 15+ business days for international orders. Some international orders may take up to 28 business days to arrive depending on the location and the customs process.

Please note that you may not receive a tracking number for your order if you're ordering from outside of the United States depending on which shipping method you selected during checkout. If you have any questions about a particular order, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll do our best to give a timely update.

We know how excited you probably are to get your book and wish we could speed things up, but please understand that we're doing what we can to get the book in your hands as soon as possible and at the same time keep shipping costs low. Thank you for your patience and remember, we're not Amazon! ;)

Should a couple order one or two copies?

If you're looking to use the 365 Connecting Questions book with your fiancé, one copy will be enough. Simply take turns answering the question of the day! At least one of you should read the introduction and both of you should be aware of the bonus content available in the back of the book. If you are purchasing more than one copy so you can give one away, we would love that. This book makes for a great engagement gift!

How much does shipping cost?

Our book-printing partner utilizes printers and therefore ships from all over the world, so it really depends on where you are ordering from. Rates for orders within the United States start at $5, depending on how many copies you order. Shipping to countries other than the US ranges from $6 to $12+ for one copy of our book depending on the location and shipping method selected. The shipping cost will be calculated during checkout, before you submit your payment, so you can always input your address and see the total before you order.

What about returns?

Since each book is printed on demand, all books are final sale and we will not give refunds. If, for some reason, something is wrong with your book (like binding and/or printing errors), please let us know within 14 days of receipt and we'd be happy to exchange your book. Email us at and include your order number, name, and reason for the exchange.

Please note that each book you order from us is individually made by one of our professional book-printing partners. While we work very hard to keep our product as consistent as possible, this variation is a normal occurrence and is not considered a manufacturing defect or a defect in workmanship and does not qualify for a reprint.

eBooks are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

I made a mistake while ordering. Now what?

If you ordered the wrong quantity of books, there's not much we can do. You can email us and we can try to work something out. If you spelled your name or address wrong, please let us know as soon as possible and we may be able to change details of your order before it's shipped by our printing partner. Get in touch via chat or email and we'll try to fix it within the timeframe!

Do you offer this as an eBook?

Yes! We released an eBook version of our 365 Connecting Questions for Couples book as well as our book for Engaged Couples. You can find them in the eBook collection, here. However, we do believe a physical copy is more beneficial as you can leave the book on your table or nightstand and therefore you may be more likely to pick it up every day. Digital devices can be distracting and we want you to truly connect with your spouse, so we encourage you to order a copy and see for yourself!