HAPPILY EVER AFTER covers 6 core topics to build a
strong foundation and a healthy start in your marriage. 



  • How to get out of debt quickly and together
  • What to do when you have different views of money
  • How to manage your finances as a couple
  • How to establish roles and responsibilities
  • How to invest in your marriage


  • How to think more positively about yourself and others
  • Discover why you respond the way you do
  • Understand how your personalities can complement one other
  • How to speak each others Love Language


  • How to manage conflict and learn more about each other
  • Learn the 4 steps to an authentic apology
  • How to forgive when you've been hurt
  • Discover a tool that will help you move past the same argument


  • How to eliminate distractions in your life
  • How to schedule date nights on a budget
  • Why every positive thing you do is foreplay
  • A communication tool to help you both enjoy sex
  • The difference between intimacy and sex


  • How your spouse's family will give you insights into who they are
  • Understand how problems with the in-laws can impact your relationship
  • Creating healthy boundaries to protect your new marriage
  • Why it's important to create your own family traditions and memories


  • How to be heard and understood
  • 5 golden rules of communication
  • 2 communication methods that will get couples talking and not arguing
  • Why we all need a restart button