HAPPILY EVER AFTER covers 6 core topics to build a strong foundation and a healthy start in your marriage. We also include a bonus section with topics such as affair proofing, parenting, and spirituality. Sign up once and access the course material any time!



  • How to get out of debt quickly and together

  • What to do when you have different views of money

  • How to manage your finances as a couple

  • How to establish roles and responsibilities

  • How to invest in your marriage


  • How to think more positively about yourself and others

  • Discover why you respond the way you do

  • Understand how your personalities can complement one other

  • How to speak each others Love Language


  • How to manage conflict and learn more about each other

  • Learn the 4 steps to an authentic apology

  • How to forgive when you've been hurt

  • Discover a tool that will help you move past the same argument



  • How to eliminate distractions in your life

  • How to schedule date nights on a budget

  • Why every positive thing you do is foreplay

  • A communication tool to help you both enjoy sex

  • The difference between intimacy and sex


  • How your spouse's family will give you insights into who they are

  • Understand how problems with the in-laws can impact your relationship

  • Creating healthy boundaries to protect your new marriage

  • Why it's important to create your own family traditions and memories


  • How to be heard and understood

  • 5 golden rules of communication

  • 2 communication methods that will get couples talking and not arguing

  • Why we all need a restart button





“Happily Ever After is exactly what we needed for our marriage. Casey and Meygan are funny, transparent, extremely informative and share candidly about their personal marriage struggles, which made us feel safe and not alone. We would recommend Happily Ever After to anyone who is looking to be challenged in their life and in their marriage.”
— Aaron & Heather
“Happily Ever After is a premier, online resource for couples. Meygan & Casey are teaching with a message of hope so that the marriages of the next generation may last a lifetime. They are youthful, fun, and passionate, and their content is both practical and beautifully presented. In a time when many couples are struggling, Happily Ever After is part of the solution.”
— The Gottman Institute
“My wife and I have been married for ten years and never got pre-marital coaching while we were engaged. So we decided it would be good for our relationship to do this together... and man, are we glad we did! We honestly thought we knew everything about each other because we’ve been together so long, but this program got us talking about things we’ve never talked before. The conflict and communication videos taught us how to move past the same arguments we’ve been having for years. We are more connected now than ever before and Happily Ever After gave us that breath of fresh air that we needed.”
— Amanda & Bryan
“Meygan and Casey have been two of the most influential people during our engagement. Because of this course, we are certain we will be equipped in our marriage to overcome the obstacles that come our way. Happily Ever After has been the greatest decision my fiancé and I have made.”
— Shayna & Taylor